According  to the terms of Law 34/2002, Law of Services of Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, it informs you about the following piece of information of the Server of Information Society and responsible of the following website.

·BUY WELL S.L. Buy online Sunglasses
·Address C/ Párroco Vicente Zabala 1, 48013 Bilbao (Vizcaya)
·E-MAIL: Tlf: +34 94 427 85 11
·Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Vizcaya, Presentación 1/2004/4.962,0
·Tomo 4407, Libro 0, Folio 22, Hoja BI-39214 Inscrip. 1, Fecha 30/03/2004
·Company TAX Code: B-95304945
·Óptico Optometrista. Número de colegiado 6022 Pedro Alfonso Gea Rodriguez.

Moreover, we will inform you about the terms and conditions of the use of the Website.


The titular of this website is Buy Well S.L. and it provides to all users of Internet with the purpose of giving information about products and offers from or Buy Well S.L., and it allows the acquisition of offering products by Buy Well S.L. through the Website.
This legal notice, with the general terms of the contract and particular terms that could establish, they have the purpose of regulate the giving of information and with this the relationship that comes up between Buy Well S.L. and the users of the Website.
Surfing through the Website and/or using the services included in the store you acquire the condition of user.
So much of surfing so many of using or acquiring any of the store’s products, it supposes the acceptation of user, without legal reserve, to all of the legal notice, of privacy policy, of terms of use and general terms of the contract that in that case rules the acquisition of goods or provision of services, in that case to the Particular Conditions, rules the acquisition of products or provision of services.


Buy Well S.L. could modify the legal notice in every moment and without previous advice, such as conditions of users, in that case the new legal notice and conditions of users, will start ruling and will be in in force since they are available and accessible for the user in , in that case with the publication of the modifications in the Website the users can know it visiting the website or having the products offered in the website, for that we recommend the periodic reading of the new advice.
Legal notice application and its conditions.

These conditions of use, exposed in the legal notice, will apply into the promotional activity and the giving of information that is provided by the website like the acquisition of goods or the outputs of products and services offered in in such a way the conditions will rule in every moment for the surfing in the online shop, as for the acquisition of goods or the outputs of services of This final activity, will submit to these general conditions of use, to the legal notice, as to the general conditions of contracts and particular conditions that in that case could exist.

Intellectual property rights

1.- All the information of website (including, database, images and photography, graphics, paints and texts) are property of Buy Well S.L. or of  the contents suppliers being in that case, object of license or transfer of them and they are protected by national and international rules of intellectual property, especially by the Text combined of the Intellectual Property Law approved by Real Decret 1/1996 of 12 April. The users will compromise to use the contents written in according to this law, such as morals and good habits accepted and the public law.
The user will retrain from doing things against the Rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property of Buy Well S.L., or those who damage the personal or familiar privacy or the image of someone else, or those who are against the morality, The user will live Buy Well S.L. undamaged from any complaint, judicial or extra judicial that presents like consequence of that use.

2. - The brands, sings, distinctive signs or logos of the Website are property of Buy Well S.L. or are property of information and products suppliers and they are correctly registered. The Rights of the using of these are not assigned to the users, they are only provided to them for the correct use of the website.

3. - The texts, paints and data are property of Buy Well S.L. or property of information supplier’s entities. They cannot be object of modification, copy, transformation, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by others, without the authorization of the titular of the contents. At one’s disposition of texts, piece of information and graphic paints do not implicate, in any case, the transfer of the ownership or the concession of rights of reproduction, diffusion, transformation, distribution, or transmission in his favour, different from the right of use that causes the legitimate use of


1. - Buy Well S.L. manifests that this website has appropriate technology to permit the access and the use of website. Buy Well S.L. does not responsibly for the existence of any virus or other damaging elements introduced by any other way or by others that could cause alterations in your computer system.

2. - The website can have incorrectness, relevant omissions, vagueness or mistakes. Buy Well S.L. does not guarantee, in any case, accuracy, veracity and currently of piece of information of the website. The users who access to exonerate Buy Well S.L. of any responsibility related to reliability, utility or wrong expectations that this website can produce.

Limitation of responsibility
1. - Buy Well S.L. does not offer guarantee about the using of the website or about the information that contents. Buy Well S.L. will not be responsible of the damage or harms of any type, created by the website

2. - Buy Well S.L. excludes all the responsibility for the legality, contents and quality of data and information offered by other entities through website.


1.- The titular of another website who want to make an hyperlink to, compromise to not establish links to another websites where does not appear the logotype of  Buy Well S.L. and to not do fake, incorrect, imprecise manifestations that can cause error or in general that are against the laws.

2. - The titular of another website  who want to create an hyperlink to compromise to not establish hyperlinks that contains contents, manifestations or advertising with racist, xenophobic, pornographic, defence of terrorism meaning  and in general could damage the good image and name of Buy Well S.L.

3. -  The inclusion of hyperlinks in does not mean necessarily that Buy Well S.L. maintains commercial relations or associate ties with the titular of the website where the hyperlink is established.

4. - The hyperlink only permits the access to the main page or home page of the website, but it cannot reproduce them in any case. It is not possible to create a frame by the website. It is not possible to give fake or incorrect manifestations of Buy Well S.L. It is not possible to declare that Buy Well S.L. has authorised the hyperlink or has supervised or assumed in any case the services offered in the website.

5. - The presence of the hyperlink does not mean in any case the existence of relations between Buy Well S.L. and the company who establish the link, neither the acceptance or approval of contents or services.
6. - The presence of hyperlinks in has only informative purpose, that is the reason why Buy Well S.L. does not responsibly or does not offer guarantee for marketability, suitability, features, quality, origin, commercialization or any other aspect of information and products or services that can be offered through the website.

Images and photography’s use

All the images and photographs published in will be used for legitimate purpose. Buy Well S.L. takes care about the use and publication of them, they will respect in every moment the privacy of people who appear there and in that case it counts on the correspondent consent of the affected people.
In any case, if any interested person is not satisfied with published photographs can ask for move them away going to C/ Párroco Vicente Zabala 1, 48013 Bilbao or sending an email to
The images published in Buy Well S.L. website can contain data about personal character and they are adapted to currently legislation of data protection.
They do not set up public access source and they cannot be reproduced, transferred, or registered by any information recovery system without the consent of affected people or people who appear in them.

Legal normative and applicable jurisdiction

The legal notice of and all the contents have being done respecting the rules of this materia. Moreover, it will apply in terms that do not appear in the contract of interpretation, validity and execution. The parts of the contract subdue expressly to Court and Tribunal from Bilbao for the resolution of all the conflicts that can appear in the interpretation or execution of the present contract conditions giving up any other jurisdiction that could correspond.


The present politic privacy is only applicable to the Website, understanding it like pages and subpages included in Excluding responsibility for pages no included at the same. This politic follows the general rules, for the normative in materia of Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, Fundamental Law 15/1999, dated December 13, and complementary normative and the development of this law.

Collection of information

Buy Well S.L. will only work with personal information of users that freely and voluntarily provide them through the questionnaire in the website and they will be sent to Buy Well S.L. by email. Buy Well S.L. informs you that in case that the user provides data through the questionnaire in the website, that information of personal character will be included in the folders of our property. For that, when a user voluntarily provides that information, is allowing us the use of them.

Security measures 

Buy Well S.L., has inserted all the measures of technical, organizational and security nature that guarantee integrity, confidentiality and quality of the information contained in the LOPD law and other development normative.
In case that someone else or entities who have access to titular information folders of Buy Well S.L. which contain information of personal character, in the frame of  provision of services of “hosting” and maintenance of the Website, that access will be according to LOPD law, 12 article, related to someone else access.

Buy Well S.L. advice against sending especially protected information, because this communication by email does not use a secure canal, and the information does not travel coded.
The information of your credit card is treated exclusively in a secure server and in any moment has access to them.

Private policy

The user is informed that the using of services of this website has the storage of the IP direction of the user for security reasons. This information will be accessible for the administrators of the website compromising Buy Well S.L. not to communicate this information to others.
The performance established in Fundamental Law 15/1999, dated December 13, of Protection Data of a Personal Nature, Buy Well S.L. informs to users that the using of services of this website entails the storage of IP direction of user for security reasons. This information will be accessible for the administrators of the website compromising Buy Well S.L. not to communicate this information to someone else.
Additionally, the website includes different questionnaires of personal character information, being necessary for the requests fill the gaps with asterisk marks, and these are strictly necessary to make the order, begin the commercial relationship and to emit the correspondent bill. In customer’s case, in case that you do not fill it, we do not guarantee the answer or the management of administration.

The personal character information that is given by email, through the questionnaires of the website, or the information that appears during the relationship , will be registered in Responsibility folder of Buy Well S.L. for integral management of the customers and contacts maintained by the organization, orders processing, accounting, fiscal, administration and advertisement management and future sending of commercial offers about products and services, including the electronic ways. These folders have been communicated to the Agency of Protection of Personal Nature according to Fundamental Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, and they count with security measures required.

Through the sending of questionnaires in the website or sending a message of consulting or subscription, the sender of this information gives his consent and authorization of treatment of the information included there. We also inform you that your personal character information, apart from the legal transfers, in case that if it is necessary will be transferred to others companies related to Buy Well SL, for the correct attention and management of the orders, products and requested services.
Your information will be used also for the orders, even by electronic ways of commercial communication and related services and products advertisement offered by Buy Well SL, or companies related to Buy Well SL which your personal information have been transferred to them.

Buy Well S.L. guarantees the security and confidentiality of provided information by our customers and it compromises to not use it with other purposes, no indicated in the present politic of privacy, and not to give this information to others.

The access to these pages and sections where the customer consults and makes changes in his personal information is done by secure line, moreover this website does not use utilities that permits the obtaining of personal information without the consent of the affected person and guarantees the adoption of all the appropriate measures to secure the confidential treatment.

If you facilitate personal character information related to someone else, you might inform of the present privacy politic and if it is necessary collect his consent for the treatment of personal character in exposed conditions. This statement of politic privacy may change the approval with rules of legislation in force in each moment, for this reason we recommend a periodic reading of it.
Cookies website uses cookies when the user is surfing through the places and web pages of the website. Cookies used in places and web pages of the website are related only with the navigator of one determined computer (anonymous user), and they do not provide the name and last name of the user. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible that the website recognizes the navigators after these have been registered for the first time, without having to register in each visit to access to the areas and services reserved exclusively for them.

The used cookies cannot read the cookies files created by other suppliers. The user has the possibility to configure his navigator to be warned in the screen of the reception of cookies to stop the installation of cookies in the hard drive. Please, consult the instructions and manuals of your navigator to extend this information.


The information of personal character communicated voluntarily by the user to Buy Well S.L. will be treated with absolutely confidentiality, according to terms of LOPD, destining only to those purposes that have been collected and that expressly inform the user in the moment of collection, and if they are destined, it would be destiny to legal and lawful purposes related to the activity of Buy Well S.L.

The fact of communicate freely and voluntarily with Buy Well S.L. and provide personal information that is considered appropriate, you authorize in a specific way to use the given information to send communications, even by electronic ways, about the activities, news, information, offers, changes and services, as long as you do not mark in a express way the refusal to the reception to the aforementioned communications.

And you could in any moment show your nonconformity with any of these purposes, compromising BUY WELL SL to not use and to not treat your information to those activities and commercial communications, after requesting the refusal to obtain them.

Affected people rights

In compliance with the established in Fundamental Law 15/1999, dated December 13, of the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, Buy Well S.L. compromises, as far as possible, to maintain updated the personal information.
In that case the user commit to the veracity of information and to maintain it updated, and if the user enters in a customer area and checks that the information is incorrect, he has right to access to the information, correct them, cancel them or oppose to the treatment.
The affected user could exercise the legal rights assisted from cancelation, rectification, cancelation and the opposition in terms legally established front the responsible of the folder, identifying sufficiently, addressing to  Buy Well S.L. by email or in Buy Well S.L.
C/ Párroco Vicente Zabvala 1,  48013 BIlbao manifesting the right that the user wants to exercise.